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Raising Lazarus Project- Confession Guide

What is the Raising Lazarus Project?

Our sins bind us, much like the burial cloths that bound Lazarus.  Through the Sacrament of Confession we are invited to unbind ourselves, and let Christ unbind us as well.  The Raising Lazarus Project offers tools to help guide children and adults into the mystery of this beautiful Sacrament. 

The Raising Lazarus Project Booklet is a small booklet meant to be used for a single Lenten confession. It contains information on why we confess and how to go about writing your confession, as well as a prayer of repentance, resources to seek out, and space to write.

There are two booklets, one for ages 6-10 and one for ages 11-adult. The booklet for ages 6-10 has a simplified explanation of confession, images that show some specific sins, and a place where a confession can be written or even drawn. This is a fantastic program to teach all in the parish about the beauty and peace of unbinding our souls and obeying God through the Sacrament of Confession!

The RLP Booklets are not only to be used during Lent, it is an ideal tool for first confessions or a gift to parishioners, convert or otherwise, to help them prepare for the Sacrament any time of year!

Does the RLP work together with the Pascha Passports?

YES! The Raising Lazarus Project is a companion tool to the Pascha Passport to teach parishioners about confession. In the Pascha Passport, confession is one of the Special Destinations one can visit. When using the RLP booklet, there is a special visa inside for those who go to confession. After confession, this visa can be cut out and attached to a page in the Pascha Passport.