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Sunday's of Lent Postcards

Raising Lazarus Project Confession Guide Booklets

Posters for each type of service during Lent

Passport Office


There are three options for stamps: the Personal Stamp Sheet that each individual would receive and use throughout their journey, the Director Stamp Set that a youth director or whomever is running the Passport program would hand out to each participant, or a digital file that can be downloaded in order to print on labels at your local printer. The Personal Stamp Sheet and Director Stamp Set are individual peel-and-stick stamps, whereas with the downloaded and printed stamps, you will need to cut up each of the 50 stamps before each service of Lent.

The “Passport Office,” Travel Posters, Postcards, and Raising Lazarus Project Booklets are additional items that can really help your parishioners to keep track of the whole journey and recognize each destination as unique and important. The “Information Sheet” you receive with your order will have specific instructions on how to build your own “Passport Office”. Travel Posters, Postcards and the RLP Booklets are available for purchase individually or with kits, and the Passport Office is something that can be built or made by you.

Passport Office