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In the swing of it!


The Triodion begins in just four weeks! Wow, that went fast.


After celebrating the Nativity of our Lord and then His Baptism, it seems at though the hearts of all are leaning in towards the Lenten Fast.  The orders for materials have already started coming in.  This is just a short but gracious pause between fasting periods, the Church in her wisdom knowing our carnal desires and probably the general love that all of us seem to have for cheese.  She gives us a break, but with great anticipation!  Perhaps it is just because Lent begins so much sooner but I already feel it thundering down the calendar pages towards me and my unpreparedness. 

It is funny, even as we eat our cheese we think of the fast.  That is in a way like fasting right? Savoring the non-fast somehow still reminds us of God.  We trundle along in our laziness while the power of potential reformation thunders towards us; just wait, I say.  Just wait while I lie here enjoying my ice cream.  And God says: "I have waited."

It is time to move.  Time to wake, walk, thunder after Him, for once.  It is time to move.  Be changed, be humbled in our proverbial fatness, and do something. 


Blessed pre-fast feasting! 

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